Hotel Design and Project Management


Our hotel design team works closely with all partners on a product concept team to turn a vision into a reality. Staffed with professional talent capable of delivering the desired results, our team is focused on exploring new waves of lifestyles that will enrich the guest experience without sacrificing comfort or franchise design standards.

Simply put, our hotels provide a guest experience that surpasses the typical expectations, from the moment you walk into the building.

We prefer to design hotel exteriors and interiors with a modern luxury, brightness, simplicity, local touches using native materials, and a sense of place. Our team focuses on showcasing a singular design in a guestroom or suite that provides the right kind of surprise to the guest and drives a higher average rate for the hotel. In all design aspects, comfort is key.

The specialized nature of renovation must be insightful with a master design that can reshape hotel exteriors and interiors. The objective of renovations is not only to refresh, but to unite tomorrow’s guest needs with added value to the asset.

Project Management

Project managers are essential to the master design plan of a hotel’s renovation, whether it is implemented as a single project or in multiple phases. They are engaged in the concept from the onset. Our team has a deep understanding of orchestrating detail and the ability to wrap the elements into a timely execution that is on plan.

Frequent and comprehensive benchmarking of the project’s progress, communication, cost-control, workforce skill, and expert project management have been the success drivers of our renovation and design projects.