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SoHos: Renaissance New York Midtown’s Twitter Takeover- Best Property Twitter

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Originally appeared in HOTELS Magazine in October, 2017

For its Twitter takeover strategy, Renaissance New York Midtown received a Best of the Best (BOB) nod in our 2017 Social Hotel Awards.

At first, the thought of a stranger hijacking your hotel’s social media for the day seems like the ultimate PR nightmare. But that’s because you’re not thinking with the gusto of the Renaissance New York Midtown, which did just that via a Twitter takeover courtesy of musician Confidence Killion.

It wasn’t just a fly by night effort. Guidelines for Killion, whom the hotel put up complimentary during his four-day tweeting escapade, included the number of tweets he should produce while there (six to eight photos and two to four videos using the specific hashtags, #renhotels, #nycmidtown and #itsmeConfidence) as well as a focus on sharing any food, drink, and art he experienced during his stay

The biggest challenge? According to Justin Ellison, director of guest services for Renaissance New York Midtown, it’s making sure that the influencer’s followers actually follow them to your hotel’s account for the takeover. To try to avoid that, the Renaissance had Killion tweet several times the week before the takeover event asking his followers to come along for the ride.

Social takeovers can have kinks, but, according to Justin Ellison, director of guest services for Renaissance New York Midtown, in the end, they’re worth it.

“Having an influencer do a takeover generates a huge amount of engagement, whether it’s retweets, comments, likes or follows,” Ellison says. “Takeovers can really show the style and service level of your hotel in a way you have been able to before – through the eyes of a guest who is seeing your accommodations and service for the first time.”

A four-day “Twitter Takeover” at Renaissance New York Midtown (via musician Confidence Killion, pictured) generated 10,432 in impressions and 4.7% engagement on the hotel’s account.

The plan: Partner with Confidence Killion and Black Label Records to host a Twitter Takeover on Renaissance New York Midtown’s account. Target goals set were 5K in impressions during the four days of the takeover and an engagement rate of 3%. Twitter was chosen as the channel was struggling with gaining followers and reaching peak engagement levels for the hotel.

The practice: The hotel asked Killion to state to his followers that he would be taking over our Twitter account for four days in the week before he did. The culmination of the takeover was a live performance in the hotel’s lobby bar, parts of which were also featured on Twitter.

The payoff: Before the campaign, the property had roughly 2,500 impressions a week on its Twitter account, with 1.4% engagement. The four-day campaign generated 10,432 in impressions and 4.7% engagement on the account.


By: Chloe Riley